Unlimited High Speed Internet Cable 30

This package includes unlimited Internet usage. The Internet speed is 30 Mbps Download and 10 Mbps Upload.

Package recommended for

  • Downloading large files
  • Smooth web browsing, no waiting
  • Online console and PC games (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
  • HD video streaming
  • Connecting and using multiple devices simultaneously


Prepay the year of service and save even more on the monthly price and other fees. Contact us for more information.

Motorola SurfBoard (Modem)

The Motorola SurfBoard Modem has the ability to receive the signal from the cable network and maintain a stable connection. Just connect it your router, and let it do its job without worrying about thing.

Included !

Zisa V800VWL (Router)

For high performance Wi-Fi in your home, the Zisa router is at your disposal! Including a phone adapter, this multi-purpose device is all you need for the best wireless network in your home.

Included !

Offer details

* Buying or renting a modem is required to use Vodalink’s Internet services. An initial fee of $ 65 for installation and $ 25 for activation may apply for new Internet service activations. An installation fee of $ 99 is applicable in the case of reconnection or relocation. The speed of the Internet may vary depending on the level of activity, the configuration of your devices, the servers that host the visited website, Internet traffic or hazardous events. Use is subject to Vodalink’s fair use policy. Taxes are not included in the prices presented. Terms and Conditions apply.

** Any discounts or promotions may vary depending on the geographic location where the services are ordered. The discount may be withheld if the customer moves out of the geographic area where the discounts apply.

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