Our goal at Vodalink is to provide you with a great experience with our services as a customer. If you feel like we’ve fallen short of our goal and believe that it warrants a formal complaint, here’s how you can file one:

Step 1) Communicate your complaint to our customer care staff

We understand that some situations can be the source of great frustration and you may want to complain. Our staff are composed of highly trained individuals that can help troubleshoot any issues you may have, or atleast guide you to the appropriate resources needed to solve your complaint. Our staff can be contacted at 1-855-396-2838.

Step 2) Ask to speak with a Vodalink customer care leader

If for any reason our customer care staff were not able to resolve your complaint, you may ask to speak with a Vodalink customer care leader. Our customer care leaders have extent experience in complaint resolution and in the best position to resolve any issues that you may have with our services.

Step 3) Escalate your complaint to Vodalink Management

The management team is available to you for any complaints that falls out of the scope of our staff and leaders. A manager can be scheduled to contact you at your earliest convenience.

Step 4) Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS).

The CCTS is an independent agency whose mandate is to resolve complaints of consumers about their telecom and TV services, and complaints of small business customers about their telecom services, free of charge. If you have a complaint about your telephone, wireless, internet or TV service, you must first try to resolve it directly with your service provider. If you have done so and have been unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, CCTS may be able to help you. To learn more about the CCTS, you may visit its website, at, or call toll-free: 1-888-221-1687.

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